Corporate Photography Training


Learn how to take pictures even if you are not a photographer

In your corporation, are writers taking your photographs? Up-level your team’s skillset with professional, on site training that will transform the quality and creativity of their output from barely usable to “Wow!”

Are you a graphic artist or web designer whose clients don’t provide product or event photos and they expect you to take them?Spool-up fast from an experienced professional image creator and get the training to push your photo quality up near the stratosphere.

Are you an individual photo enthusiast/hobbyist who wants to take better, higher quality pictures for your own collection or Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts? Get out of your wishful thinking rut. Let me show you not only how to take better pictures but how to make the most of every click and take your photography quality to the next level. I can also coach you on starting your own photography business.

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Thank you for your interest in my coaching/training services :-)

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