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Houston Photography Coach & Trainer Sylvester Garza

Hello, my name is Sylvester Garza and as a Houston based Commercial Photographer, I specialize in creating high quality images that support Advertising, Marketing Communication and Investor Relations for business. This includes still photographs where I depict people, places & things in a fabulous manner. I also love to make jewelry and food look beautiful. I shoot tethered on all indoor shoots.

I’ve got over twenty five years experience, an easy going style and excellent people skills.

Several years ago, as a photography contractor for an upscale  online store . . .I had  a big problem. The company literally had hundreds of things that needed to be photographed.. Watches .. jewelry, and various other difficult to photograph items. So I presented a potential solution to the management team. and created the opportunity to coach and train photographer assistants to shoot high end products.

The product photographs needed to be on the site to support sales . . they had to look good and they had to be produced quickly. I developed repeatable steps for each item and  trained my main photo assistant to use the per item photography formula.  It worked so well, that I ended up being asked by the client,  to hire and train three other assistant photographers. That’s how it all began.

I found that I really enjoyed solving problems and sharing my expertise.

So . . .How can I help you?

Call me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation – 713.957.8816

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Thank you for your interest in my coaching/training services 🙂