My Name is Sylvester Garza and I’ve been involved in the photography business since 1986 and in the Photography Coaching and Training Business since 1999.

The premier Photography schools, such as Rochester Institute of Technology or The Brooks institute as well as many of lesser-known schools, require several years of study and 40-50 thousand dollars or more in tuition. Then most graduates get intern jobs with established photographers to hone their skills in the real world and learn the photography business. You can learn how to be a professional photographer, in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Turn your natural passion for photography into generating revenue in your new chosen career now . . . not in five or six years, but within months.

With 25 years of professional experience in running a successful photography business, boasting many Fortune 1000 company clients, I invite you to explore hiring me to be your Personal Photography Coach & Trainer.

So . . . to begin the process of dramatically improving your Photography skills in a short period of time, or to explore hiring me to train individuals at your company . . . call me at 713.957.8816 or via email at From:Photography Coaching
Oh … by he Way … you can review some of work here: http://houstonphotographer.net/